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Mongolia Wellness Retreats is a brand created by Selena Travel Group, one of the top leaders in Mongolian tourism industry. Selena Travel Group was founded in 1998 by Mr. Batbold Jamsran, and currently has 3 subsidiaries: Selena Travel LLC inbound tour operator, Selena Travel Canada outbound tour operator, and Solid Ways LLC travel agency.



After two decades in the travel industry, our experience and expertise allowed us to recognize that there was much more we could offer our clients beyond the typical standard travel services. Although traveling to Mongolia is already a unique and unforgettable experience, we saw an opportunity to create a deeper level of service that would address the holistic needs of our clients, including their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

This realization led us to establish Mongolia Wellness Retreats, a brand that is committed to providing unique and enriching travel experiences that would leave a lasting impact on our clients’ body, mind & soul.

Our retreats are designed to go beyond traditional travel experiences or providing a mere few days’ escape from daily life’s hustle and bustle. Our focus is to facilitate a life-changing experience that leaves our clients with a refreshed body & mind, self-discovery, and renewed energy and gratitude for life.


Mongolia is a world away from the ultra-luxury hotels and the jaw-dropping immaculate spas that are often associated with idyllic getaways. Instead, it is a raw, pristine, and secluded place, where you can drive for hours without seeing another soul or a single house.

However, it is this very rawness, and the vastness of the steppes stretches out as far as the eye can see, and the deep blue skies blend seamlessly with rolling green hills or golden sands, makes Mongolia an ideal place for peaceful, unique & healing journeys.  

Our retreats are the ultimate choice for those seeking a chance to recharge or embark on an adventure in a truly unique and secluded part of the world. We provide a chance to experience Mongolian traditional hospitality in unique and secluded resorts, as well as indulge in healthy meals and daily yoga, meditation & pranayama practices.

Our active adventures such as hiking, trekking, and horse riding are the perfect way to unload and connect with the natural beauty around you, and more importantly, yourself. Furthermore, you will have a chance to detox from technology and explore Mongolian culture in an authentic way.



Terelj: Meet Terelj, a passionate nature enthusiast, avid traveler, and RYT-200 certified Vinyasa yoga instructor. With her love for the outdoors and a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature, Terelj has made it her mission to share her passion with the world. Her expertise lies in crafting bespoke travel itineraries that cater to each individual’s unique interests and needs. When she’s not exploring the world, you can find Terelj indulging in her love for yoga, both as a practitioner and a teacher. In addition to her passion for travel and yoga, Terelj is also a big animal lover and has six rescue pets at home.


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