Visa Policy of Mongolia

Visa Policy of Mongolia

To travel to Mongolia, it is important to have the necessary visa. Here is some general information about Mongolian visas:

Visa Requirements: 

Most visitors to Mongolia require a visa to enter the country. The type of visa you need depends on the purpose and duration of your visit.

Types of Visas & Visa Free Countries: 

Mongolia offers several types of visas, including tourist visas, business visas, and transit visas. The most common visa for tourists is the “J” visa, which is valid for up to 30 days. Here is the list of countries whose citizens able to travel to Mongolia without a visa: 

    1. The Republic of Philippines
    2.  Malaysia
    3.  The Republic of Kazakhstan
    4.  The State of Israel
    5.  Hong Kong SAR (China)
    6.  The Kyrgyz Republic
    7.  Ukraine*
    8.  The United States of America
    9.  The Republic of Cuba
    10.  Macau SAR (China)
    11.  The Lao People’s Democratic Republic
    12.  The Kingdom of Thailand
    13.  Japan
    14. The Federal Republic of Germany
    15.   The Republic of Belarus
    16.  The Republic of Turkey
    17.  The Republic of Serbia
    18.  Canada
    19.  The Russian Federation
    20.  The Federative Republic of Brazil
    21. The Republic of Singapore
    22.   The Argentine Republic
    23. Oriental Republic of Uruguay
    24.  The Republic of Chile
    25.  Ecuador
    26.  Peru
    27.  Republic of Korea
    28.  Uzbekistan 

List of visa free countries until 2025: 

Citizens of the following countries who are traveling to Mongolia for tourism purposes for up to 30 days are temporarily exempt from visa requirements until the end of 2025.

    1. Republic of Austria
    2. Kingdom of Belgium
    3. Hungary
    4. Hellenic Republic
    5. Kingdom of Denmark
    6. Kingdom of Spain
    7. Italian Republic
    8. Republic of Latvia
    9. Republic of Lithuania
    10. Principality of Liechtenstein
    11. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
    12. Republic of Malta
    13. Kingdom of the Netherlands
    14. Republic of Poland
    15. Portuguese Republic
    16. Slovak Republic
    17. Republic of Slovenia
    18. Republic of Finland
    19. French Republic
    20. Republic of Croatia
    21. Czech Republic
    22. Kingdom of Sweden
    23. Republic of Estonia
    24. Kingdom of Norway
    25. Republic of Iceland
    26. Swiss Confederation
    27. Republic of Bulgaria
    28. Ireland
    29. Republic of Cyprus
    30. Romania
    31. Principality of Monaco
    32. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    33. Commonwealth of Australia
    34. New Zealand 

List of countries eligible for eVisa:

    1. Albania
    2. Angola
    3. Andorra
    4. Antigua and Barbuda
    5. Armenia
    6. Nepal
    7. Barbados
    8. Bahamas
    9. Belize
    10. Benin
    11. Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
    12. Bosnia and Herzegovina
    13. Botswana
    14. Brunei Darussalam
    15. Burundi
    16. Bhutan
    17. Vanuatu
    18. Vatican City State
    19. Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
    20. Vietnam
    21. Gabon
    22. Guyana
    23. Gambia (Republic of The)
    24. Ghana
    25. Guatemala
    26. Guinea
    27. Guinea Bissau
    28. Grenada
    29. Dominica
    30. Djibouti
    31. Zambia
    32. Zimbabwe
    33. Timor-Leste
    34. Cabo Verde
    35. Cambodia
    36. Kenya
    37. Kiribati
    38. Colombia
    39. Comoros
    40. Congo
    41. Democratic Republic of the Congo
    42. Costa Rica
    43. Côte D’Ivoire
    44. Cuba
    45. Kuwait
    46. Lesotho
    47. Mauritius
    48. Mauritania
    49. Madagascar
    50. Malawi
    51. Marshall Islands
    52. Mexico
    53. Micronesia (Federated States of)
    54. Mozambique
    55. Moldova
    56. Montenegro
    57. Myanmar
    58. Namibia
    59. Nauru
    60. Nicaragua
    61. South Africa
    62. South Sudan
    63. Palau
    64. Panama
    65. Papua New Guinea
    66. Paraguay
    67. Rwanda
    68. Samoa
    69. San Marino
    70. Sao Tome and Principe
    71. Seychelles
    72. Saudi Arabia
    73. Senegal
    74. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    75. Saint Kitts and Nevis
    76. Saint Lucia
    77. Solomon Islands
    78. Suriname
    79. Sierra Leone
    80. Taiwan
    81. United Republic of Tanzania
    82. Togo
    83. Tonga
    84. Central African Republic
    85. Trinidad and Tobago
    86. Tuvalu
    87. Uganda
    88. North Macedonia
    89. Fiji
    90. Haiti
    91. Honduras
    92. China
    93. Equatorial Guinea
    94. El Salvador
    95. India
    96. Eritrea
    97. Eswatini
    98. Ethiopia

Application Process: 

To obtain a Mongolian visa, you generally need to submit an application to the nearest Mongolian embassy or consulate in your home country or the country where you currently reside. The application usually requires a completed form, a valid passport, a passport-sized photo, and the visa fee.

Invitation or Tourist Voucher: 

For a tourist visa, you may also need an invitation from a registered Mongolian travel agency or a letter of invitation from a Mongolian citizen. A letter of invitation can be obtained through Selena Travel when booking a tour with us. Then you will apply for Mongolian visa by yourself. 

Visa Extension: If you wish to stay in Mongolia for more than the initial visa duration, you may be able to apply for a visa extension at the Mongolian Immigration Agency in Ulaanbaatar. It is advisable to check the specific requirements and procedures for visa extensions.

Visa on Arrival: Some nationalities may be eligible for a visa on arrival at Chinggis Khaan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar. However, it is recommended to check the latest information and requirements regarding visa on arrival before traveling.

Border Crossings: If you plan to enter Mongolia overland, it is important to check the visa requirements and availability at the specific border crossings you intend to use. Not all border crossings may issue visas on arrival, so it’s crucial to confirm this information in advance.

It is important to note that visa requirements can change, so it is always advisable to consult the nearest Mongolian embassy or consulate or check their official websites for the most up-to-date information and specific instructions related to your nationality and travel plans.


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